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3 DIY Plastic Bottle Home Crafts

There are a few things that give you the sensation of satisfaction when pulling off a DIY or Craft projects, especially when you have a story to tell about your time spent with your kids. Roll up your sleeves for these 3 artsy DIY home decor projects below to entertain your kids and decorate without spending a fortune.

Bottle Cap Animals Craft

Create cute animal faces using used bottle caps that you can hang in your kid’s room! Create it with them to level up how you educate your child about animals. This is a fun educational activity.

Materials you need:


  1. If you would like to do a cat face using bottle cap, start with glueing bottle cap on colour paper.
  2. Using colour paper, cut out 3 mini triangles for its ears and nose, and 6 mini rectangles for its whiskers.
  3. Stick googly eyes on bottle cap and the face is complete!
  4. Challenge your creativity and enjoy experimenting with your little one on making other animal faces.

Animal Containers from Recycled Plastic Bottles

Here’s a cool craft that you can do at home using old plastic bottles. Read on and see the instruction on how to create an animal container from recycled plastic bottles.

Materials you need:

For this one, you need 2 bottles. Cut those 2 bottles in half then paint it! That easy!

Plastic Bottles Craft Instructions

Cherry Blossom Art using Soda Bottle

Make cherry blossom artwork – which you can hang on the wall of your living room – with a recycled 2-liter soda bottle as a stamp!

Cherry Blossoms Craft Easy DIY

Materials you need:


  1. Use paint to draw a branch and a few twigs on art paper.
  2. Pour paint on paper plate.
  3. Dip the bottom of soda bottle into paint and dab across the twigs on art paper.

Cherry Blossoms DIY Craft

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