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9 Tips for First Day of PreSchool

9 Tips for First Day of PreSchool

Preschool is the first stage of long years of school to come. Probably you are more nervous than your kid. Most children are excited about school because it is the opportunity to break their regular routine. The previous preparations are thrilling. New lunchbox, new backpack, new books, and other fun stuff.

Believe me, your kid will be ready before you are. When a child starts crying on the first day of school, most times it is the result of the parent’s anxiety. You are the role model for your kids. If you are calmed, the transition will be smooth, so relax. This is the first step of their separation that will eventually end up with your grown-up children setting up on their own.

These are nine tips for the first day of school. Follow them thoughtfully to make it the best first day.

Tip #9. Promote your Kids Curiosity
If your son is not already excited about school, then you must help your children gaininterest. All children are looking for new things to discover. Once he knows everything there is to learn in school, they will be looking forward to it. You can talk with him about a typical day at school, the teacher, the classroom, and the playing yard. Make statements that will want him to learn more, and promote dialogue. You can highlight things you know he likes. Once you have him engaged, he will be looking forward to the first day of school.

Tip #8. Planning
Plan the first day of school. Prepare everything in advance (the previous night), so that you don’t have to rush during the day. You can get clothes and even lunches ready.

Tip #7. Do a Previous Visit to School
It is all right to make a previous visit. Take a look at what will be his classroom. Ask the school when it is ok to take the tour. If possible, present him with his teacher. Preschools are colorful and playful. Your kid will get familiar with the surroundings and will be looking forward to going back.

Tip #6. Read
Simply read. You will teach your kid that books are a valuable source of knowledge. He will learn important information before going to preschool. He will be more prepared and used to books as he enters preschool, and that will make school a more familiar environment.

Tip #5. Talk about the First Day of School with your Child
The first day of school is something your child has expected for some time. He might have played with friends or toys how it would be, but he has not had the real experience. Your child might have doubts about it, and you can solve them. Talk to him about it, and ask him if he has questions. If he does, then talk him through them, explaining in detail anything he wants to know. The most common questions come from fears, like having a mean teacher or not knowing the answers to the questions. These questions might come from TV shows or elder brothers or cousins. Let him know everything will be all right and how to handle stressful situations. If he doesn’t raise any concern, do not tell him about fears or doubts he doesn’t have. Let him discover preschool without preconceived ideas.

Tip #4. Be Confident and Happy
As you are heading with your child to the first day of school, be confident and happy. You will expand your confidence and happiness to him, and the outcome will be the best.

Tip #3. Ask your Kid how it goes
When your son returns on his first day of school, promote a conversation. Most likely, he will be excited about all the new things he just discovered. Promote the dialogue and listen carefully. If he is not telling you everything with excitement, find ways to open dialogue. Make it a habit, starting on the first day of preschool.

Tip #2. Be Early
Do not rush on the first day, and on any day. The habits you create as you go to school will last forever. Show him how he can be on time, and on that first day, be 10 to 15 minutes earlier. That way you will allow him to explore his new surroundings, and get to know his teacher. Your kid will appreciate the extra time.

Tip #1. Say Goodbye Quickly and Naturally
Do not extend goodbye longer than necessary. Do it naturally, as if you were leaving him with his grandparents. Do not show any anxiety as you say goodbye. Everything will be ok, and he will make it through as you did when you were his age. He will be at home some hours after school starts, so you will see him soon.

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