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Educational Gadgets for Kids

Educational Gadgets for Kids

Finding educational gadgets for kids has become an easy process. Every time you turn around there is a new app or toy that helps children learn in today’s world. By including technology in learning, kids are learning more and more at earlier ages. Some of the most sought out educational gadgets can be found on the internet or even in the nearest toy store. Here are just some of the few that are bringing kids and education together from this year’s toy list.

Osmo’s Creative Set for Monster Newton & Masterpiece

This new gadget is an attachment for your iPad. It comes with three different variations of games and includes creative tools. Osmo’s set is meant to bring your drawings to life with Mo the monster of this game. It also allows for free drawing and problem solving. This set comes with erasable markers and a monster pouch for storing them. The markers are washable and are easily washed out of clothes. Osmo aims to deliver a more engaged experience for children that use technology. With Mo, the adorable monster mascot, kids are drawn into his world when creating. With over 70% giving Osmo 5 star ratings on Amazon, parents are excited to have their children learning and playing with Mo.

Each set comes with an Osmo game, but there are more games to choose from. From coding to creating your own pizza company, this Osmo set has the ability to transform and create new educational experiences for any kid who is 5 to 12 years old.

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

Dash, a robot brought to kids by Wonder Workshop, uses smartphone or tablet technology to bring coding into their world. The robot connects to a free app that allows children a chance to learn through moving, dancing, and voice recognition. Dash can be programmed by children ages 8 and up to become their sidekick. The app used alongside this robot uses picture-based games to teach children how to code their Dash into the robot of their dreams. He can play music and avoid obstacles through codes the kids develop while using the app.

Dash has not only become an exciting toy for kids, but some reviewers even claim to have their teenagers wanting one. Many other parents were impressed with the way it drew in their children to really learn coding. Others have gone out and bought themselves one after seeing their kids play with him for a few months. Dash is becoming one of the most wanted educational gadgets for kids as he is bringing kids and coding together with ease.

Although there are many other educational gadgets on the market, both Osmo and Dash made the Holiday Toy List on Amazon and at least 70% of their individual reviews were 5 stars. Both of these gadgets are being sought out by kids and parents alike as they are giving the world new ways to learn.

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