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Homeschooling Kids

Homeschooling Kids

What is homeschooling?

The World is changing and so is education all around the world, keep with us, so you know what the ultimate educational trend is: homeschooling kids. Homeschooling is an educational way in which kids study and learn all from home using personal tutors or just the internet, no physical schools or traditional education is involved here. Sounds crazy? It is real, stays tuned and continue finding more.

Is homeschooling a worldwide trend?

Homeschooling is not something new, so we think is more than a trend, is a fact. In the United States, for example, there are about 2 million families who educate their children at home, while in countries like Colombia at Latin America, there are approximately 1,000 families with this practice. That numbers, even though they are small when compared with the number of kids in the traditional education system, shows how this homeschooling thing is becoming a reality for many families.

Children and parents should spend more time together, learning together. Thus, parents become permanent guides to this process and help their children with their learning. However, in many cases, this does not mean that children do not take exams or do not have to pass school grades as this is mandatory for many governments. For example, many children are enrolled in an educational institution in the city, and to pass each grade, they are given a test that assesses their knowledge. They do not attend school daily, but they do formally track their progress.

How effective can homeschooling be?

To be a ‘homeschooling’ parent, you should put 100 percent your creativity. The main idea is that the world is a classroom and you and your child are in the same conditions. You can guide it from your knowledge and experience, but remember, every day we learn new things and your child could also teach you a lot.

That if you children ask about chemistry processes, why not explain it with a cooking recipe? If you want to learn languages, why not download an application and learn from it? That if their purpose is to build a robot, why not help you research the Internet how to do it? Learning has never been so easy thanks to the Internet and some platforms ready to impart courses to a wide age range of kids around the world. Another alternative you could use is to take advantage of the free events that the city offers as moments of learning.

It goes hand to hand with entrepreneurship

We know that traditional education system was created and in its vast majority is yet sustained under to purpose of train employees or well-educated workers. Education as we know it was created back in late 1800 to produce an efficient obedient workforce capable of following orders and that has not changed a lot. It has evolved but not enough yet. Homeschooling is an act of rebellion against this system, same as entrepreneurship is to professional development; they both seek to produce human beings capable of creating and transform, not only to learn and repeat, that’s why homeschooling feeds the entrepreneur and creative spirit every child has inside. It is important to remark that not only depends on the educational system as you may see great and successful entrepreneurs that completed all their studies, is just a way of thinking.

Maybe education needs to evolve?

Yes, that does not mean to abolish what is so far created but to improve it. Education should be given the possibility to develop all the intelligences and the creativity in the children, not only the capability of retaining knowledge and the math-logic intelligence. Maybe governments and educational institutes should give a look and a deep understanding to this homeschooling way of education.

Could homeschooling be for your kids?

The first thing is to recognize the reality of your family. So you can know if you have enough time to be a homeschooling dad. And of course, by doing this recognition you can know if your children would be interested in receiving their education at home. It is not only about you.

Some Tips

  • Money is not an inconvenience. Think about what you invest in a pension (if your children attend a private school), transportation, lunch boxes, and uniforms; all that could invest in home education.
  • Creativity to find new ways to learn is fundamental: search the Internet for ideas, resources, study guides; invest in travel and new experiences with your children.
  • Connect with others who use homeschooling and who can help you with your experience.
  • Study your country regulations about education and how your kids can still get the grades without attending school.
  • And finally, it is critical that you be willing to pay enough attention to your children to quickly recognise their learning needs. No child is equal to another, so you must be aware of what experience your child wants to live and what learning wants to achieve with it.

Society does not embrace change

Is it true that I do not receive children afterwards at a college or university? Well, that is not true. What is true is this and other matters are all by your own, laws and guidelines exist for the traditional education system not for homeschooling, although there has been progressing in many countries. Still, you can be marked as crazy if you decide that your kids go on homeschooling. There is a lot of work to perform on the subject, with governments, education sites, and the general social environment so we all can acknowledge how can this “homeschooling kids” may be.

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