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Importance of Bedtime Stories to Your Children

Importance of Reading Bedtime Stories to Your Children

Even when your child is a newborn baby, experts say the benefits they will reap if you begin reading to them at that age are numerous. As they get bigger though, it’s just as important to keep up the tradition of reading to your child, especially at bedtime. Here’s why.

One of the biggest reasons to read to your child every evening before bed is that it creates a relaxed atmosphere for unwinding and bonding. You don’t need to read your child every book on the shelf or choose the longest stories. Spend the same amount of time each night, no less than 10 minutes, and enjoy this special time together.

It Helps Them Relax
Story time is an important part of getting ready for bed. Often, the bedtime stories we read to our children are very creative and inspiring. It sets the tone for a nice and peaceful sleep for the night. Plus, hearing your voice is soothing. Let that be what carries them off into their dreams.

It Promotes Imagination
You don’t need to read a book every single time though. You can make up a special story about your child that they will love, or tell them an old fairy tale like the one your grandpa told you when you were small. Letting them relax and focus on your words without seeing any pictures is a great way for them to tap into their creativity.

It Teaches Your Child To Read Herself At Bedtime
One day, your child will be much bigger and will not need you to read to her at bedtime. One of the best blessings is to find your older child ready for bed and curled up with a good book before it’s time to turn out the lights. It’s an activity that will bode her well into adulthood.

Giving your child the gift of loving stories and books is one of the best gifts you can ever give. It teaches your child to seek out information, process ideas and thoughts, and embrace creativity. Books are special ways to jump into another world for a moment, and teaching your child how to enjoy those moments of healthy escape is essential.

You don’t need to spend a fortune curating your child’s library either. Simply head to the library and let her choose books for your bedtime routine. She’ll grow to love it even more because she gets to pick what she wants to hear before falling fast asleep.

We are posting some of our favourite short stories from time to time and you can see it here. What’s your favorite short story? Share it in the comment section.

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