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Kids Musical Instrument Giveaway

pBuzz Kid's Musical Instrument Giveaway

Check out this awesome new giveaway for kids! There will be 4 winners of Kids’ Musical Instrument from pBuzz and Love, Mrs. Mommy. Each winner will receive a Buzz Musical Instrument worth $29.95 RV each. A total giveaway value of $119.80!

What is pBuzz?
Designed by a team of British musicians the pBuzz is a completely new musical instrument. The brightly coloured, light and the smooth curved edged product has been designed specifically for mini musicians’ little hands. Simple and easy to play the mouthpiece makes it the perfect introduction to brass playing for early learners.

pBuzz Kid's Musical Instrument Giveaway

Research has shown that youngsters who have early exposure to musical instruments develop areas of the brain that relate to social, language and reasoning skills, as well as memory. The buzz can also help develop a child’s sensory and fine motor skills, encourage self-expression, stimulate imagination and creativity, build confidence and nurture their natural music talents.

pBuzz Kid's Musical Instrument Giveaway

Enter the giveaway now! This giveaway is open to the US and must be 18+ to enter. The form below will accept entries until August 30 only. So hurry and join!

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